March 11th, 2008

Rockstar to Launch Community-Centric Site?

Published at 9:38 PM PST

I was looking over Rockstar's job website today to see if I could find any interesting job posts. I came accross two very interesting open positions "Online Community Associate" and "Online Marketing Associate".

Job Description for both Online Community Associate and Online Marketing Associate:

The Online Community Associate will be responsible for managing, maintaining, and supporting the online community site at Rockstar Games. 
 Primary Responsibilities:
  •  Maintain and update content on the community websites.
  •  Create all communications to the online community base.
  •  Assist in development and launch of new online community websites.
  •  Assist in development and launch of new ideas/features on the online community websites.
  •  Develop events, competitions and promotions for the online community.
  •  Provide service and support to the community website. Work with technical support to resolve customer issues with the community websites.
  •  Monitor online community activity; analyze online community growth, engagement, and loyalty, and share observations with other departments.
  •  College education. This is an entry level position with opportunity for growth.
  •  Experience moderating or facilitating an online community is helpful.
  •  Passion for games.
  •  Strong knowledge of online community trends.
  •  Passion for and knowledge of social networking, emerging media and the Web.
This is an entry level position with opportunity for growth.

Seeing as how Rockstar currently doesn't have a community site, could they be aiming for something like what Bungie is doing with their site with news stories about their games and forums for people to talk about their games and lifes? Only time will tell. Both positions are at Rockstar's HQ in New York, NYC.

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