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Published at 12:56 PM PST

Two new screenshots have been released along side with the new trailer, more are expected to be on the way also, check out the current two new ones below:

Thanks to smallo.net for the heads up.

Published at 12:44 PM PST

One day before the trailer's release, Rockstar has decided to tease us with five new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto IV. In addition to the new screenshots, Rockstar also released nine digital versions of previously released screenshots. Hopefully, these new screenshots and the upcoming trailer can fill your GTAIV void until the release, next year. Keep watching RockstarWatch tomorrow because we will have the new GTAIV trailer as soon as we can get our digital hands on it. Enjoy.

Old Digital Screenshots:

New Digital Screenshots:

Published at 8:45 PM PST

Move up, ladies.
Grand Theft Auto IV - Trailer #3 - Move Up, Ladies

The third and final trailer for Grand Theft Auto IV called "Move up, ladies" is set for release on the World Wide Web on Thursday, December 6th. A Christmas gift from the good guys at Rockstar Games. Inc. As we have seen with the past two trailers, the moment it is released the Rockstar Games servers are clogged full of eager Grand Theft Auto fans awaiting the trailer to load. Being the third trailer will also be the final trailer there is no doubt this will happen again.

If you are one of these fans eager to see the final trailer, then we have a surprise in store for you also. We will be hosting the final trailer both here on the RockstarWatch servers and on YouTube the minute it is released, so you won't need to wait in line behind hundreds of thousands of other fans at RockstarGames.com to view the trailer. The moment it is released you will see it in replacement of the video above and also mirrored on our YouTube Channel. We hope to see you back here then to discuss it at our forums and see our dissection of it.

Trailer release times location specific...
03:00:00 p.m. Thursday December 6, 2007 EST / New York
08:00:00 p.m. Thursday December 6, 2007 Europe / UK / GMT
07:00:00 a.m. Friday December 7, 2007 Australia / ACT
05:00:00 a.m. Friday December 7, 2007 Japan

Published at 12:21 PM PST


Today, Rockstar revealed the final boxart for Grand Theft Auto IV. With the revealed of the boxart, Rockstar also announced that the third and final trailer will be called "Move Up, Ladies" and will be releasing on December 6th, 2007 at 3:00 EST. In addition to the new announcements, Rockstar also updated the official website. Stay tuned to RockstarWatch for the latest information and the offical trailer when it releases.


Official Site: Grand Theft Auto IV

Published at 8:05 AM PST

Last Tuesday we saw Take Two boss, Strauss Zelnick speak at a summit, during the speech, he was asked about GTA IV’s release date an replied by saying they were not ready for an announcement yet. This fuelled the interent into thinking there could be another delay but fear not…  Mr. Zelnick has squashed this rumour by telling GameSpot this:

“I wasn’t intending to be newsworthy,” Zelnick said of his response at the summit. “When asked about the release date, I confirmed the previous release date we’d given, which is our second fiscal quarter. That’s to say sometime between the beginning of February and the end of April.”

So to all worrying that GTA IV could be delayed again, don’t panic. It is still on track.

Link to GameSpot

Published at 5:07 PM PST

It seems that Rockstar Games have shipped out Dummy Box Arts Retailers. Take a look. I just found out that this is NOT a representation of what the final box art will be when the game is released, obviously as in Rockstar's style, we'll have to wait until a month before for any news that big. But these sure do fill the gap just fine. Enjoy...

Source: xboxfamily.com/xf/index.php

Published at 6:41 AM PST

This is one of those rumours you love to hear but fear that it may just not be true. Ever since GTA IV was delayed we wondered what was the problem. Now we may have stumbled across one of the possible causes, Online Multiplayer! According to GamingExcellence.com Rockstar is planning to support 16 players online:

Rockstar’s man on the scene told GamingExcellence that they had begun testing the various plots and that the developers were considering the possibility of having an open world completely unlocked from the start of the game. We also understand that the game’s multiplayer mode, unseen in the GTA franchise since GTA2 in 1999*, is aiming for at least 16 simultaneous players, with more than just the usual deathmatch mode.

It's also intresting to note that the whole world may be unlocked from the start. What do you make of all of this?

Published at 6:00 AM PST

A few days ago, rumours spread that GTA IV would be released in October thanks to the official UK PlayStation website. People all over the interent were getting excited that just maybe the PS3 would see GTA IV this year. Unfortunately, this has now been confirmed false by Rockstar Games themselves.

"It's coming out in Spring next year,"


Published at 6:00 AM PST

It seems that Sony hasn't got the message that GTA IV was delayed or that they have something in store for us. Their official website now states that 'Grand Theft Auto IV is now finally on the horizon'. It's also worthy to note that on their GTA IV page the release date is still October 2007 and not the expected March 08. Sony could have easily have just made a simple error here but can this be their big announcment for October? Although for now this is strictly in the rumour mill.

[Thanks Charger!]

Published at 6:00 AM PST

Note: This article is pure speculation, nothing has been proved to be true, yet.

Hello to all of the RockstarWatch readers. This is my first time doing an article so don't be to harsh! In this article we will discuss some of the possible reasons for Rockstar delaying GTA IV. We also give our two cents as well. So in no particular order here we go:

The PS3 is Hard to Develop for

Many developers have stated openly that the Playstation 3 is harder to develop for. This has been one of the strongest suggestions made by many other gaming websites/blogs. We honestly can't say if it is 'harder' to develop for but we do know for a fact that Sony has sent development teams to help them, so would it still have been hard to make GTA IV on it? Who knows.

Limited Space on the Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 uses DVD (Also HD-DVD but we'll get to that) which has a limited amount of space, only 8.5 GB. With the next generation of games using up more space we have to wonder if Rockstar underestimated the amount of space on the 360. You could however buy a HD-DVD add-on  but this would make life harder for Microsoft as they want games to use only DVD. Problem eh?

Simple. It just wasn't ready

We wouldn't be surprised if this was true because Rockstar did make an estimate release date for GTA IV some years back, they could of just been off perhaps by a few months. That would make sense to us.

Take-Two ordered GTA IV to be delayed

Many people know about the financial trouble Take-Two is in., In order to keep them afloat maybe they told Rockstar to delay the game. While this is probably unlikely as they would get more sales around the festive period, but we still think Take-Two is involved in this some how.

Halo buzz

Coming around the same time of the anticipated Halo 3 we might think that it might damage sales of GTA IV. But since the GTA franchise has a overwhelming fanbase we really doubt this theory, as we were thinking more along the lines that more people would say up and buy the collectors edition of GTA IV?

There are many more theories which could have caused the delay but we think you've been reading long enough and your brain needs to take a rest. Thanks for reading! 


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