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Published at 5:19 PM PST

Ramon of Samus and Zelda Wii mod fame has done something new this week, he has created Rockstar-themed modification for the Nintendo Wii especially for the hard working team at Rockstar Games. You can tell the work that went into this amazing piece of art was of a high standard -- clear coating, laser-cut hand-polished Rockstar emblem, and LED lights -- top off the entire thing. We've included all shots of the console below, enjoy!

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View full screen versions of the shots at gizmodo.com.

Published at 9:02 AM PST

Rockstar Games is auctioning off a custom made lunchbox along with over 100+ more iconic figures in the entertainment business such as Beastie Boys and Elton John. Benefiting from the money made will be the Lunchbox Fund of South Africa and the Food Band for New York City. Remember, it’s all going to a really good cause so check it out if your interested on bidding.

Hunger is a global problem. Whether it is New York City or Soweto, South Africa, the children of the world are the ones most severely affected. In New York City, approximately 1.3 million people turn to food assistance programs like soup kitchens and food pantries — and one in five of them is a child. South Africa, a country that is rich and prosperous, is also a country in which an estimated eighteen million people live without adequate food, water or sanitation. Children are often forced to make a decision to learn or to eat. 

Rockstar’s AuctionOther Auctions

Published at 1:32 PM PST

In addition to Rockstar London's new site, they also added new job openings. These new openings include Audio Programmer, Engine Programmer, Network Programmer, Physics Programmer, Scripter, Technical Programmer, and a Wii Lead Programmer.  The job decriptions give away that their next game will be on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It will also include multiplayer of some kind. The game might also be on the Wii since they are looking for a Wii Lead Programmer. Then again, it could be another project. I guess we will have to wait for Take2 to announce something.

Source: Rockstar London

Published at 5:37 PM PST

Until today, only Toronto, North, San Diego, Leeds, Lincoln and Vancouver had their own website. In which only North's is fully flash based. Today in surfing the internet I found that Rockstar London, the newest company to be brought under Rockstar's wing, now have their own flash based website. It just outlines who they are, what they do and job openings. Out of all the Rockstar Studio sites I have seen, this is by-far the best, the style is very modern and stylish. Be sure to check it out at RockstarLondon.com.

Published at 6:00 AM PST

Rockstar Games developer, Joseph Howell has died. At age 35, he has been credited on many of Rockstar’s games including GTA San Andreas, GTA III, GTA Vice City and Manhunt.

he was a staunch defender of Civil Rights and Liberties especially for the underprivileged

He left behind a wife and two children, such a sad day :( So from all of us Rockstar fans, our hearts go out with you today. R.I.P Joseph Howell.

Source: GamePolitics

Published at 6:00 AM PST

GamersBlock.net posted awhile back, a story, now removed (so we believe) on how Rockstar Games made it in the gaming world and became so popular. We particularly love this quote:

Rebellious. Controversial. Aggressive. Fearless. Anti-Authority. These are but some of the characteristics that help define the role of the rock star in modern day society. Rock stars are unafraid to push the limits of an established set of rules. They constantly question authority and live to upend the social structures that help to define it. Their belief's become their passions and they strive to share these with the surrounding world. Their aura is intoxicating and inspires others to follow their way of life. This is the life of a rock star. This is the unofficial motto of Rockstar Games.

Published at 6:00 AM PST

Interested in a job at Rockstar Games? Got creativity and ideas and ads on Television and the Internet? Rockstar have posted a job listing on Mandy.com wanting an Experienced Commercial Editor, the post is as follows:

Rockstar Games is looking for an experienced full time video editor to work on television and internet ads.

If interested, go to http://jobs.rockstargames.com/ and apply through our website. The position is listed as "Production Editor"

Please DO NOT apply through this website. No applications through this site will be looked at, at all, no matter what. Only applications through the Rockstar site will be considered.

Thank you

Web: http://jobs.rockstargames.com/

Apply to: Eli Weissman

Interested? Be sure to check the full details at Mandy.com.

Published at 6:00 AM PST

EA Interactive and Rockstar Games had a combined conference last week announcing they we're “sick and tired of being told that their games influence kids to commit acts of violence.” and that they would draw real influences of violence which would “save the hassle of being blamed for the resultant violence.”. The rumor today is that the two are studying Indian culture to get ideas for new violent content in upcoming games.

“India is the only country where no one has blamed video games for the violent nature of the people, it’s the only country where real people are as violent as the stuff in our games and none of these people even know what a video game is!” says James Anderson, Head of Content for Rockstar.

So far they have been watching videos of religous riots to understand how these violent riots and happenings start, thus how to incorporate such things into a game making the idea and violence more realistic. In closing they said “Simplicity is the key to success and the simpler the reason, the more ridiculously violent the riot, its brilliant.”. Well done and thank you to Rockstar and EA, good too see them standing up for whats right, lets hope we can get the point across to the rating systems and politician's next.


Published at 6:00 AM PST

We knew this from the very start but it seems that the UK national newspaper The Guardian thinks that Rockstar North rocks by putting them in the top 50 brightest design talents in Britain this weekend. It's nice to see Rockstar North being praised and not being put down about the Manhunt 2 story. Well done and we wish you guys all the best with the fantastic games coming out soon.


Published at 6:00 AM PST

For those that didn't know, Games That Matters is a game company started in January of this year by ex-employee's of Rockstar Vienna. Another company, Deep Silver, announced at Leipzig this week that they are acquiring Games That Matters.

Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products in Europe, acquires the Austrian games production company Games That Matter.

The company merges with Koch Media’s premium games label, Deep Silver. Games That Matter’s structure and goals remain the same: Deep Silver Vienna fully concentrates on high quality games, especially for consoles. In the center of all efforts are producing, successful publishing and establishing new brands.

A press release was release soon after:

Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products in Europe, acquires the Austrian games production company Games That Matter. Founded in 2006 by games industry veterans Hannes Seifert and Niki Laber, the company merges with Koch Media's premium games label, Deep Silver. Games That Matter's structure and goals remain the same: Deep Silver Vienna fully concentrates on high quality games, especially for consoles. In the center of all efforts are producing, successful publishing and establishing new brands.

“With Koch Media, we found a strong partner who excellently complements our long-time experience and our new and innovative business model. Now we can fully concentrate on our core competences.” said Niki Laber, Managing Director of Games That Matter.

For Koch Media, the formation of Deep Silver Vienna means the achievement of a major strategic goal. With the seamless integration of the founding members of the legendary Rockstar Vienna team (among others “GTA” and “Max Payne”), the company expands its future product portfolio and also strengthens its leading market position as an independent games publisher in Europe and around the world.

Klemens Kundratitz, General Manager of Koch Media, added: “With the integration of Games That Matter, we enter a new era for Deep Silver. Deep Silver Vienna will massively push our reputation as an independent publisher. The former Rockstar Vienna team brings along the experience that is needed for building long-term, globally strong and successful video game brands. Games That Matter developed a cutting-edge production model and we believe in their approach. Deep Silver Vienna will play a decisive role in our strategy of becoming even more international, focusing more on the console business and establishing our own brands.”

It appears they will be re-naming the company in a similar way Rockstar had it named originally, Rockstar Vienna. PlayThrough.net discovered the domain deepsilvervienna.com registered, it is expected to be the official website of the company. It is, and will be, interesting to see how the ex-Rockstar company will go. So far it hasn't looked so good for them, perhaps a change is coming? Good luck guys!

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