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Published at 11:39 AM PST

A while back, we reported that Bully had a few problems to do with lots of memory on 64-bit versions of Windows and suggested a temporary fix for it. Well today Rockstar has released patch 1.200 for Bully. The patch address this issue, improves the streaming for objects, and fixes random crashes and lock ups. If you have the game from Steam, it should update automatically. However, retail owners will have to download an updater file. Download the patch from the links below for your region.

Download: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish
Download: Japanese
Download: Russian

Published at 3:24 PM PST

Some of you have been experiencing various problems with Bully on PC. Fear not. It seems Bully is is being bullied by large amounts of memory. There is a temporary work around for this problem while waiting for Rockstar New England to exterminate the bug with a patch.

  1. Launch the MSCONFIG utility. To do this, press and hold the Windows Button and the R button. Then type "msconfig" with out the quotes. (Vista users will have to run it as admin)
  2. Click on the Boot tab at the top and click the "Advanced Options" button. (On XP the "Boot" tab is called "Boot.ini")
  3. Check the "Maximum Memory" box and change the setting to exactly or less than 2000. (On XP the "Maximum Memory" option is called "MAXMEM".)
  4. Restart your computer.

Once Rockstar New England releases the patch, just simply un-check the "Maximum Memory" setting. Also, if you are experiencing audio crackling, you are most likely using surround sound when Bully is set to stereo. To fix this, just simply change your "Audio Output" to "Surround" in the options menu.

Published at 4:38 PM PST

If you have been unable to get Bully for PC at your local gamestore, Steam is now offering Bully for PC at it's retail price, $29.99. The best part, no pesky tax!

Steam: Bully: Scholarship Edition

Published at 12:26 PM PST

Just a heads up if you reserved Bully for PC at GameStop, some GameStop stores have yet to receive copies of the game. Make sure you call ahead before heading out there. However, all three versions of Midnight Club: Los Angeles should be at all the stores right now.

Published at 11:23 PM PST

Ever since the announcement, Rockstar has been very quiet about the fact that Bully: Scholarship Edition is coming to the PC. Today, IGN has finally got their hands on 15 screenshots of the game. In addition to the screenshots, they have also scored 6 short gameplay videos from the final build of the game. We have uploaded the screenshots below. If you'd like to see the videos, they have been embedded below the images, or you can hit the link below then to see the originals on IGN.


Videos: IGN - Bully: Scholarship Edition
Source: IGN

Published at 6:20 PM PST

Looking around the web for some more information about the PC port of Bully: Scholarship Edition, I came across the minimum system requirements on Best Buy's website. Keep in mind that these requirements are not officially announced by Rockstar so they might possibly be inaccurate, however, they do seem legit.

PC Processor Type:  Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, AMD Athlon™ processor
PC Processor Speed: 
PC Operating System:
  Windows XP, Windows Vista
PC System Memory: 
PC Hard Drive Space: 
PC Video Card:
  DirectX 9.0c-compatible NVIDIA 6800 or 7300 or ATI RADEON X1 300 or better video card with Shader 3.0 support
PC Sound Card:
  DirectX 9-compatible sound card

Stay tuned as Bully: Scholarship Edition for the PC and Midnight Club: Los Angeles for the PS3, 360, and PSP all launch next week on the 21st!

Source: Best Buy

Published at 6:43 PM PST

As I reported last week, Rockstar sent a small version of the cover for Bully: Scholarship Edition for PC to several gaming sites. Today, I have gotten my hands on a much bigger version.

Published at 4:05 PM PST

Late last month we reported that some news sources indicated that Rockstar quietly confirmed to them that Bully: Scholarship Edition was making the jump to PC at Leipzig. We thought it wouldn't take long until the big announcement by Take-Two in the form of a press release. Here we are now on the 18th day in September and still no press release about Bully: Scholarship Edition making the jump.

However, Rockstar has once again quietly confirmed the PC port again by updating the official website for Bully with the text "Coming October 21st to the PC". So if you were doubting the gaming news site, there you have it, October 21st release in North America, and a October 24th release in Europe.

Official Site: Bully

Published at 1:31 PM PST

IGN has quietly posted a small version of the cover for the PC version of Bully: Scholarship Edition. Nothing too interesting here, pretty much the same as the 360 and Wii version covers, however, there is text towards the bottom of the cover. The text reads "Contains Original Soundtrack", which was released on CD around the time of the original game.

The version of the cover IGN has is very small, however, we are currently working on getting a bigger version. Stay tuned.

Source: IGN

Published at 11:15 AM PST

Microsoft has finally found the time to approve the long awaited patch for Bully: Scholarship Edition. The patch is now on Xbox Live. Just insert the disc and load the game. Your Xbox should give you a message that there is an update. Accept the message and wait for it to download. Once the game restarts, you should see "1.03" in the bottom right of your screen.

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