September 19th, 2007

The consequences of stealing cars

Published at 6:00 AM PST

'Grand Theft Auto' is a great gaming series with much enjoyment to be had, but for victims of real life Grand Theft Auto it's not-so fun. Louisiana students this year have decided to understand the problem and attempt to combat it by learning the consequences of stealing someone's pride and joy, their automobile.

Louisiana Insurance Commission is running the education program which encourages good driving habits and gives tips on how to prevent theft of your vehicle. Read up more on this here.


In case your wondering as to why we are posting such a thing, we are giving an example to the public on how gaming and the real world are not interlinked. Just because you see it in a game doesn't mean you'll do it. Therefore, just because we play the games doesn't mean we condone or agree with the actions preformed in the game a real life situation. Same goes, Rockstar don't intend you to preform acts depicted in any of their games, and your soft-headed to thing any differently.