August 26th, 2009

Social Club friends and message wall now online

Published at 5:42 PM PST

In the works since November of last year, Rockstar has finally launched the friend and message wall portion of Rockstar Games Social Club.

Announcing the launch of the Rockstar Friends System and Message Wall – brand new features exclusively for Rockstar Games Social Club members to come together, interact, and talk trash - regardless of the platform they enjoy our titles on.

The Rockstar Friends System now allows Social Club members to create a custom Friends list based on either:

* Friends lists taken directly from platforms you have linked to the Social Club.
* Your specific Social Club nicknames and/or console identifiers (such as a Gamertag).

Linked Rockstar Friends can then interact via The Message Wall, Social Club’s unique verbal and visual means of mouthing off to your Friends.  Communicate, decorate and/or desecrate each other’s Walls at will.  Each message you send is accompanied by a sticker “envelope” of your choosing that gets posted to your Friend’s wall.  Pick from our collection of hundreds of stickers for the right grafitti graphic to match the tone of your note.

So link up with your Chinatown Wars DS-playing friend, your Midnight Club LA PS3-playing friend, and your Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox 360-playing friend – drop a steaming one on each of their walls and tell them how much they suck.  It’s social networking - the Rockstar way!

Source: Rockstar Games Social Club