May 7th, 2009

IGN previews Red Dead Redemption

Published at 3:10 PM PST

IGN recently got a chance to sit down and watch Red Dead Redemption being played. We've extracted the most important points below.

  • Open World
  • Along with San Digeo, Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds are also working on the game
  • Uses Euphoria
  • At the beginning of the game, things from John's past come back and force him away from home and in to the wild
  • Players will be able to accept missions, engage in mini-games, ride horses, trains and stagecoaches, hunt and go on killing sprees as they wish.
  • The world is divided up into three large sections: Frontier, Mexico and Northern territories
  • Progressing though the story opens up the other sections. Once unlocked, you can travel between them all via horse, walking, stagecoach, or train.
  • You can use lassos and kerosene lamps
  • Marston is the only person you play as
  • Deadeye is still in and includes two skill levels
  • Duels are still in
  • You can carry up to 4 items
  • You can't own property
  • All items will be shown on his model
  • Regenerative Health
  • You can do deadeye and fighting while on a horse
  • Full day and night cycles, ped system similar to GTAIV and dynamic weather system
  • Dynamic roaming wildlife such as wolves hunting for rabbits or mountain lions looking for someone to feast on
  • No load times transitioning from world to interior
  • The game will include multiplayer
  • Mid-mission checkpoints

Personally, the more I hear about the game, the more I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

Source: IGN