February 20th, 2009

Exclusive Bulletproof Infernus code with Chinatown Wars order from Amazon

Published at 5:37 AM PST

With just under a month until the release of the first Grand Theft Auto game on the Nintendo DS, it's interesting  to see that a few retailers are offering exclusive codes to unlock particular content in the game.

We've talked about the code GameStop is offering to unlock all the weapons at Ammunation and give you $10,000, however we haven't yet mentioned the code that Amazon is offering when you order the game from Amazon.com. When you order Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars from Amazon prior to the release of the game, you will receive a code to unlock an Exclusive Bulletproof Infernus, pictured to the right.

Now their is one important thing to note, you cannot actually acquire the car until you've progressed 4% through the games' story, at which time the Auto Merchant's will open. The vehicle will apparently come from the Rockstar Games Social Club, so we are guessing this means vehicle customization will be available in Chinatown Wars, as well as the ability to share customized vehicles with people through the Social Club*. Once you reach 4% progression, and the Auto Merchant's has opened, you can purchase the Amazon Exclusive Bulletproof Infernus from their for $1,200. A price tag that Amazon says won't be an issue for Huang Lee.

*This is not official, so don't take our word on it for the moment, although we would be inclined to think that customization of vehicles will be a feature, as well as sharing via the Social Club. We'll keep you posted on any official news surrounding it later on.

For more information on the Exclusive Bulletproof Infernus code Amazon is offering, see the information page. To pre-order the game in time for the code on the release of the game, see the Chinatown Wars Amazon.com listing.