October 9th, 2008

GTA: Chinatown Wars Map Rumour

Published at 1:56 AM PST

One question on everyone's mind is: "Will Chinatown Wars be using the whole new map of Liberty City, as seen in Grand Theft Auto IV?" Many magazines and websites have speculated so far that it'll only be focused in the Chinatown Area of Liberty City, many more have said it will be the entire map, so we are all left puzzled as to what we can expect. Spanish magazine Hispana (name may not be translated correctly) are however claiming to know the map of the DS version of GTA:

The above picture is in Spanish, roughly translated, it read's:

Aung many believe that Chinatown Wars was to develop only in Chinatown, used almost the entire map that appears in GTA IV. Appear neighborhoods: Dukes (Queens), Bohan (Bronx), Broker (Brooklyn) and Algonquin (Manhattan). The only district that does not appear GTA IV is Alderney (Jersey City).

If that makes any sense to you, well done, if not, the main point is that Chinatown Wars will use the same map used in Grand Theft Auto, most likely using a different engine to combat the graphics on the portable system. Although, it tells us that the island of Alderney is missing. This is a bit odd though, as one of the screenshots featured in Nintendo Power late last month featured the save house from Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Stay tuned for more details.

If you would like to read the full preview by the Spanish magazine, the scans are included below, note that they are obviously also in Spanish:

Source: GTALimite (currently down) via GTA Revolution.
Thanks to GTA Revolution for contacting us and making us aware of the error we had made. We wrongly credited GTA Crew on finding this while it was actually GTALimite who discovered and reported on the news, we found the article on GTA Crew, and as it turns out they failed to credit GTALimite. So sorry for the mix up there GTALimite, we shall be more cautious next time.