October 8th, 2008

Italian Magazine Goes Hands-on with GTA IV for PC

Published at 2:22 AM PST

An Italian magazine by the name of The Games Machine this month had a hands-on preview of Grand Theft Auto IV for PC, to be released 21st November. The preview included some new details on what the PC version will have that was not in the console versions of the game, as well as one or two new images and an exclusive interview with a Rockstar Games spokesman.

  • “The Replay Editor will give the possibility to us to record, to save and to mount last the 30 second ones of game. Once our vicissitudes memorizzate, will be able also to be opened an appropriate inner software and to be changed the inquadrature of the virtual television cameras, rather than to add appropriate special effects. Col Montage Editor, instead, transition effects between a sequence will be able to be arranged several replay in a single sequence, aggiungervi traces audio from the sonorous column of the game and to be visualized and the other.
    All this job for what? In order then to go on the Rockstar Social Club, a site of services thought for the community about the Rockstar games, in which to exchange itself filmed and information but also to mail own records. “
  • “In the game there will be also small improvements, like a upgraded version of map GPS, than it will allow now us to head and to cliccare with the mouse on a determined lease to catch up, and to add to it of notes and the images in order to personalize it.”
  • “Depositing Sul multiplayer at the moment is not announced new modalities regarding those already present on consul, but they will come added of the filters in order to improve the system of matchmaking or shrinking the field of the variable ones”. The characteristic new of the multiplayer will come announced to short.
  • “The power of puts into effect them processori for PC, it will allow to obviate to one of the characteristics of the series, that is that when they knows itself on a machine, of blow for road they begin to circulate of many of same our model. This trucchetto, made in order to lighten the CPU of the consul being made to elaborate a reduced number of poligonali models, is not more necessary on PC, that therefore it will offer a traffic less “monomarks”. The number of the cars and the pedestrians will be also greater on road”.
  • GTA IV for PC has been played using pad the USB of Xbox 360 and has been tried 3 relative levels to is made been left over (beyond 50% of the completion). The game experience is analogous to controparte the consul.
  • Playing with mouse and the keyboard, according to the editor, it is more scomodo that to play with the pad. “The adopted a position keys force in some make to virtuosismi from pianista and the possibility to move liberations with mouse the television camera when it is in disabilita machine the bringing back automatic rifle of the inquadratura behind the car. From the moment in which we will begin to guide we will have to manually move the television camera in the just angle-shot”.

Scans have also been made available of the 4 page preview, in Italian respectively:

Thanks for the information and scans GTA-Series.com (translated).