October 3rd, 2008

Exclusive Max Payne Movie Concept Art, Photos and Wallpaper

Published at 5:11 AM PST

Here we have a little round-up, if you will. We've been watching online blogs for the past week collecting little tidbits of information on the upcoming Max Payne Movie, and we managed to find some nice concept art, a terrific wallpaper and some new photos. Now the concept art is apparently an exclusive for the website DenOfGeek.com and came from Fox, however they don't exactly look up to the standard of the art released so far by Fox. We'll let you be the judge of that though, because even if it does turn out to be fan art, it's pretty good:

We also discovered some new photos from the set of the Max Payne Movie, and there even high-quality, check them out below:


The last thing we found was this nice wallpaper which is actually based off the first photo above (the one with Max standing on the building roof). It is 1400x900 pixels, so it should be suitable for most desktops, and its been cleanup up so it looks terrific:

The movie is out October 17th, and the the film is being hyped up everywhere at the moment. Blogs especially are packed with entry's by fans as well as critics, myself frankly can't wait to see and intend to see it the day it comes out, being it will be my birthday that day. We'll keep you up to date on any new information or photos that crop up before then.

Sources: Concept Art thanks to DenOfGeek.com, Photos thanks to SpoilerTV and wallpaper created by Jeayese.com.