September 27th, 2008

Max Payne: Live-Action Comic

Published at 3:57 AM PST

A Live-Action Comic is something rather new to us, we haven't seen it done before. We have been told though, that it's a technique that's been being used a lot recently by 20th Century Fox. You may or may not have already seen this, the Max Payne Live-Action Comic, its a Comic style story-telling of events that have taken place, a background history on Max Payne and his life basically. It's a great choice of style, as the Max Payne games have always taken on this "comicbook" feel to introductions and cut-scenes. Check it out:

Another thing we found while checking around the web lately was this, an interview done by IGN with Max Payne actor Mark Wahlberg, it's only short, about 1 minute long, but it does hold some information:

It doesn't seem like Mark likes Video Games very much, in fact up to this point he has admitted to not ever playing a Max Payne game before. A little scary since he is expected to take on that roll and make it seem like the Max we all know from the game. But lets give him a chance, so far so good on the Max Payne front, he may surprise us.