September 19th, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV LIVE Weekend

Published at 10:31 PM PST

Over the weekend of September 26th - 28th Xbox 360 owners will have the chance to partake in an extra-special experience. A weekend long multiplayer "chaos" on Grand Theft Auto IV will be going on over Xbox Live, and not only will you be able to play against thousands of other game owners, but 26 of the developers at Rockstar Games and Rockstar North will also be online versing players all around the world. Keep an eye out for these gamertags, and see if you can beat the developers at their own game (literally...):

RSG0Josh, RSG1Neil, RSG2David, RSG3Ben, RSG4Brian, RSG5Robert, RSG6Chris, RSG7Steve, RSG8John, RSG9Justin, RSG10Mark, RSG11Bruce, RSG12Steve, RSG13Mike, RSG14Zach, RSG15Fred, RSG16Paul, RSG17Ethan, RSG18Hugh, RSG19David, RSG20Ben, RSG21Craig, RSG22Laura, RSG23Richard, RSG24Greg, RSG25PJ

The Rockstar Games Social Club is hosting the event, and will also be giving away some pretty niffy prizes also. In-order to go into the draw for prizes, you must be a Social Club member, if your not one you can register now at You must log into your Social Club account before the end of the Weekend (that is the 28th Sept.) or you will not be eligible.

All eligible members will be automatically go into the draw to win the grand prize, a package containing a high-end home entertainment system valued at over $6,000 and the runner-up prize package including a limited-edition, customized, Grand Theft Auto IV-branded Xbox 360 as well as much more Grand Theft Auto IV gear. The event is open to anybody with an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, however in-order to be eligible for the prizes you must be an American or Canadian resident and over 18 years of age.

You can read more on the event at the Social Club, and don't forget to check the rules here.

Everybody who registers and takes part throughout the weekend will get an exclusive gamer pic from Microsoft. Microsoft will also be giving away 24 prizes each day, all of which is Grand Theft Auto gamer gear, such as shirts, stickers and merchandise. See the image too the right for a few of the prizes up for grabs. To go into the draw to win these from Microsoft, you must register your gamertag now and read more about it here.

The weekend long multiplayer chaos will start from 12:01 A.M. (ET) on Friday September 26th and go until 11:59 P.M. (ET) on Sunday September 28th.

Social Club: Event Information and Prize Details plus Rules
Xbox: Events Information and Prize(s) Details plus Register your gamertag