May 5th, 2008

Prostitution options cut from Australian version of GTA IV

Published at 6:57 PM PST

Been a slow news week hasn't it? Well in fact I haven't seen half of my staff for the last week at all, Grand Theft Auto fever has hit, and hit hard. However, there is some news we have neglected to share with you, so here goes...

GameSpot reported this week that after investigation of the Australian and European versions of Grand Theft Auto IV, that the only differences they noted was that the prostitution options that were evident in the American and European editions of the game have been removed from the Australian version. Removed with this was the free-movable camera, in the Aussie version it is fixed to the back of the vehicle.

Having just received a region one version of the game, we tested out a few scenarios and only found one difference so far: how the game deals with prostitution. In Australian versions of GTAIV, Niko can indeed pick up prostitutes, but once he takes said sex worker to a secluded area, the game camera shifts to a tight shot of the rear of the vehicle the pair are in and cannot be moved.

In the region one version, once Niko finds a secluded spot, an extra option pops up, asking whether Niko wants the $20 or the $50 service. Once the appropriate “service” is chosen, the act begins, but instead of a static camera, players can freely rotate the game camera around the vehicle.

This makes sense, and really was a good move by Rockstar. As the past games all had prostitution removed, apart from GTA: San Andreas which has it in. Seeing as how the prostitution in GTA IV has options, and apparently a completely movable camera I couldn't see the OFLC passing it through with an MA rating, therefore being effectively banned. So in the long run, it was the best idea to remove it, and really it's not an epic change is it?