January 17th, 2008

More Bully: Scholarship Edition Screens and Info

Published at 1:16 PM PST

Gamespot and CVG has released some new screenshots and information from Bully: Scholarship Edition. First off, the game is not running on Rockstar's Advance Game Engine. Instead, it's running on an engine by Mad Doc Software. Gamespot noted that the primary story hasn't changed at all. Sadly, they also note that there is no online play and that Rockstar hasn't planned any downloadable content. The port also features new minigames. For example, the port features a new biology minigame where you dissect things like a fish, frog, rat, or even an alien. Here is an exert from the Gamespot article describing the process.

The Wii Remote looked to work quite effectively in multiplayer. For dissection, players choose the magnifying glass using the Wii Remote to zoom into the eye, then select the scalpel to draw around the eye--in a dot-to-dot puzzle manner--to remove it and place in a Petri dish. Following this, you need to use the scalpel to cut open the skin and expose the internal organs; the more precise your surgical skills, the more points you'll earn. Once that's done, you'll need to remove the gills, liver, and stomach before the buzzer sounds. The Xbox 360 version has the same multiplayer games as the Wii but uses a combination of buttons to produce the same results.

One of the new added missions, Miracle on Bullworth St., involves a fake Santa named Rudy who wants Jimmy to take care of another fake Santa who is trying to take away his business. Once you've located the place, you'll need to beat down the elves with a baseball bat. Once you've destroyed the candles, snowmen, presents, candy cane, and castle, you've successfully completed the mission. As an added bonus, an elf costume will added to your wardrobe. Lastly, in our last article about Bully: Scholarship Edition, we said that Rockstar Vancouver was developing the port. According to CVG, this is not true. It turns out that Mad Doc Software is developing the port.


Source: Gamespot and CVG