August 17th, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Achievement List Leaked

Published at 1:37 AM PST

Popular Xbox 360 achievement tracking website (X360A) has leaked, what appears to be, the achievements for Grand Theft Auto V. Another source for achievements tracking,, has mirrored the same list. Both sites are known for their reliability, but we won't know whether they are truly legitimate or not until the game is released; or we have the game guide in our hands.

X360A user Lebowski contacted the owner of Exophase, Mike Bendel, over Twitter regarding his source. According to Mike, the retrieval method is the same for both sites - directly from the Xbox LIVE servers. Exophase is displaying the games' secret achievements whilst X360A is not - which is their practice ahead of a games' release.

In the nature of full disclosure, and in being completely neutral, we're sharing this with you and leaving the choice to check them out entirely up to you. At RockstarWatch, we're big fans of secrecy in gaming releases as it adds to the initial experience; much like the plot to a movie - if somebody walks out whilst you're in line and spoils the ending, it just kills us. As such, we won't be listing the achievements here, but feel free to follow the links above if you'd like to see them. Keep in mind they contain obvious spoilers.