March 25th, 2013

Amazing fan-created Red Dead Redemption version of Monopoly

Published at 12:22 AM PST

We're edging on nearly three years since Red Dead Redemption blasted its way onto televisions. Over that time it has accumulated, not just awards and critical acclaim, but a magnitude of dedicated fans who are as lively today as they were when they first played the game. One extremely creative fan has created a Red Dead Redemption Edition of Monoploy.

Redditor inspirermeg worked on the board game for a school project:

This was a 2-week project at school, so though I'm happy with the result - I wasn't able to completely finish the project and perfect it (The hotels/houses are the same and better player-bricks? are needed.(The requirements were only the box, the board game itself, Working playerbricks, 3 card examples... though I made them all)) Spent an approximately 8 hours designing and 4 hours printing, taping, glueing and cutting everything. The product contains all the property cards, chance-cards, luck-cards... and the board game, of course.



There are an endless number of official custom Monopoly Edition's out there, but nothing quite as well designed - or as fun - as this one.

As an owner of a fansite, I love nothing more than being able to report on fellow fans creative endevours such as this. Power to you all. Redemption was an emotional horse 'n carriage ride into the wild west, and it's one of those games which we'll continue to play for many years to come.

Reddit via Kotaku