January 22nd, 2013

Final DLC and Title Update released for Max Payne 3

Published at 5:18 AM PST

Max Payne 3's fourth and final downloadable-content package, 'Deathmatch Made In Heaven', has been released, along with a third version of the Multiplayer Compatibility Pack for those not looking to purchase the DLC package but still wishing to see the changes online against those with it downloaded. That being said, you'd be crazy to go past the fun Rockstar has bundled in the final package...

Four New Modes:

  • Dead Men Walking
  • Run and Stun
  • Marked Man
  • Time Attack

Five New Weapons:

  • Cattle Prod
  • Night Stick
  • Stun Gun
  • Pepper Spray
  • and the intriguing "Bouncing Betty" projectile.

Furthermore, Rockstar has released a title update to the game which fixes and improves numerous issues:

  • Slightly increased the rate of fire and the accuracy of the IMG 5.56 and fixed an issue where it would occasionally jam between bursts
  • Fixed a reloading issue with the M24
  • Fixed an issue where the auto 9mm would sometimes change fire mode when toggling the laser sight on/off
  • Fixed an issue where the scope and laser attachments for the IA2 AR rifle would occasionally not work
  • Fixed an issue where the grenade indicators would sometimes not display correctly
  • Improved fix for instance of players occasionally getting stuck in cover during the single player campaign
  • Fixed an issue where players could occasionally have trouble aiming using Southpaw controls in the single player campaign
  • Fixed an issue where certain users received an error message when selecting Social Club from the Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue with signing up to Social Club in-game for Japanese users

Sounds like a fun day all around. Be sure to grab the update and the final DLC package - take a break and relax - because I dare say we're in for a huge year, and January isn't even over yet. We have a surprise in store ourselves. As always, stay tuned!