July 7th, 2012

InRockstarSpect: Wrap-up

Published at 6:19 AM PST

Just under a month ago, I published an article on a podcast which I felt very passionate about: InRockstarSpect. The podcast looked at the films which inspired, and no doubt continue to inspire, Rockstar Games throughout their development of critically acclaimed games, and fond gaming moments and memories we all share. The podcast wrapped up this past week, be sure to check out any you missed:


Thanks to all the brilliant people behind the podcast for the compressive in-sites, interesting opinions and, of course, taking the time to focus on Rockstar and their games.

I remember my first time playing a Rockstar game. It was Grand Theft Auto III, of course; the game which introduced most of us to the company and their unique, but seriously addictive, story telling mixed with mayhem. I've never been a hardcore gamer, in fact I only like a particular collection of games - all of which just happen to be developed by the very company RockstarWatch has been dedicated to for the past six years.

There is a reason Rockstars' games are the only ones I have an interest in: their games have soul. They aren't just about the graphics, the gameplay, the characters, or the story - their about the whole package. Rockstar tells a story, and they tell it well, and they mix it with unique, memorable, characters along with gameplay that doesn't get old. Plus, the graphics... how many games have the level of detail or the quality of Grand Theft Auto IV? People upgraded their televisions just to play the game, and most modern PC's still can't handle it with the graphics settings maxed out.

Rockstar doesn't just manufacture a game, they don't just crank out another generic mix of pixels; they are selling experiences... and I've been buying up since 2001.

Side-note: Recently brought to my attention via Twitter, End-Gamers published an article on Why Rockstar Games’ Games Rule. Check it out, along with this podcast, and let me know what you love most about Rockstar @RockstarWatch.