June 9th, 2012

InRockstarSpect: The Warriors and L.A. Noire

Published at 3:29 AM PST

Earlier this week, Peter from InRetroSpect Podcast contacted me to let me know about a series of 5 special podcast episodes his team is currently producing investigating the films that have inspired Rockstar Games in their development of the games we know and love. From the one game directly based on a movie, The Warriors, to classic Western movies which inspired the look and feel of Red Dead Redemption, the noir-style movies L.A. Noire payed homage too, and the movies-upon-movies which have been parodied or reinvisioned when recreate famous locations and time periods in the Grand Theft Auto series, films have always played a huge part in Rockstar's development cycle.

Films inspire creativity, and above all else, reflect the lifestyle, culture and feeling of different locations at a particular point in time. If you need proof of how close films are to Rockstar's heart and soul, you need look no further than the 'Rockstar Recommends' articles posted periodically on their Newswire in the run-up to a new game release. They've done so for Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and Max Payne 3, and they'll continue to do so for future games. Why? Because Rockstar are all about cinematic experiences, realism and connection. You can't become a true outlaw without capturing the old West in its harsh realisim, and noir-style recreate L.A. in the 1940's is vastly different to the modern day - not just physically - and when dealing with countries culturally removed from what is normal to most, you cannot create that atmosphere without understanding. Films inspire Rockstar, they always have.

The InRockstarSpect Podcast is the first of it's type; a look into how films are shaping the games we are playing. It's unofficial, it's critical, and it's damn intriging. The first 2 episodes are already available, covering The Warriors and L.A. Noire respectively, with the 3rd, Red Dead Redemption, coming next week. Being that The Warriors is one of my all-time favourite games, I started listening to the first episode with a strong sense of bias. That being said, I found the podcast very interesting; it's an opinion, but one that has been well thought out and researched. Props to Peter for such a fantastic insite in the game, the movie, and how the two inter-relate. I finished listening to the episode with one thing on my mind: The Warriors badly needs a HD re-release like GTA 3 and Max Payne have had in the past year. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. For now, I'll have to continue thrashing my dieing PlayStation 2...

I highly recommend you tune in: InRockstarSpect