July 10th, 2011

Manhunt 2 no longer available on PC

Published at 9:32 PM PST

Recently, digital distributor Direct2Drive was acquired by GameFly. Up until the acquisition, D2D was the only major digital download service to offer games rated Adults Only by the ESRB as other services such as the ever popular Steam have policies against games rated higher than Mature. When Manhunt 2 was released for PC back in 2009, it received an AO rating as it contained the content previously cut to award it an Mature rating for the console versions. Since D2D was the only service that allowed AO games and stores would not carry such games, Manhunt 2 for the PC was released exclusively on D2D. However, with the recent acquisition, the game has been removed from the service. A user who goes by GroveSrTLife on Project Manhunt recently discovered the de-listing and contacted D2D about the incident. They stated the following:

Unfortunately not all games are offered on Direct2Drive. Games offered are decided by the game's publisher and can be removed at their disgression. We regret that we do not have any detailed information in regards to titles recently removed from our site. We're sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you.

With this statement, it sounds as if Rockstar removed the title and Direct2Drive has nothing to do with the game's disappearance. Undeterred, the fan contacted Rockstar regarding the removal. Rockstar responded that the removal is "very much news to us" and were attempting to get things sorted out.

This is very much news to us. We will promptly get things straightened out with D2D. I will get back to you as soon the changes are made. Thank you for bringing this to our attention

A day later, he received a message back from what appears to be the "big man" himself, Sam Houser.

There has been a change in ownership over at Direct2Drive. Gamefly, who is the new owner, does not approve of Adult Rated games, and refused to offer it on their Website now. And we also realize there is now no way for you to acquire this game for your desired platform (PC).

We very much appreciate you bringing this too our attention, so much so that we would like to genuinely show you. Please reply with your home Mailing address for some free swag! A physical copy of Manhunt 2 might even accompany it.

Best Regards, Sam H.

A few days later, a package showed up containing the first legitimate known disc version of the game (pictured above), t-shirt, Rockstar stickers, lanyard and hospital arms bands complete with fake blood on them. So what have we learned from this? It seems the new management at D2D, GameFly, have found it necessary to not only completely change their policies but to spread around mis-information and not notify developers when their game has been removed. Classy. It's unknown at this time what Rockstar will do from here to make the game available for purchase. One may assume that since they sent GroveSrTLife a disc copy, the game may be showing up soon on the Rockstar Warehouse and perhaps even Amazon who allows AO games. Players who have bought MH2 on D2D before the removal can still download and activate their copy from the "My Games" section. If you own the game or any other AO games on D2D but don't currently have them installed, we advise you to backup the game(s) and save your key(s) as soon as possible in case they also decide to remove the game(s) from accounts without notice as well.

Source: Project Manhunt