If you’re interested in taking AI in games to the next level, in bringing characters to life via storytelling and emergent behaviors, then you’ll want to take a look at the MadAI™ Character AI System’s multi-segmented approach to AI. The brainchild of the AI experts in games, this elegant technology allows each character to be treated as an independent agent, maintain a plan of action, state, memory, and more. The key to these human-like characteristics lies in cutting-edge advancements like CCA (our Character Control System) and IIIE (Ian’s Improved Inference Engine). MadAI™ is designed for flexibility, maximum extensibility, ease of use, and optimization for superior speed execution. If you’re ready to put an amazing AI system capable of working with different game engines with ease to work on your next game, get smart with MadAI™.
From the development powerhouse behind such critically-acclaimed hits as Empire Earth® II and Dungeon Siege®: Legends of Aranna™, comes the Mad3D™ Game Engine, the pinnacle of breakthrough game engine technology. From the ground up, this highly configurable AAA engine offers the flexibility developers need to make it happen, with all the keys to a solid game foundation firmly in place. Take highly flexible database driven architecture, kick in masterful RTS and AI innovations like our AI Personalities System (AIPs), ambient weather, and non-cheating AI that only Mad Doc could bring to the table, and you’ve got the recipe for quickly expanding your hit-title production. The Mad3D™ Game Engine is ready to work for you in developing the next generation of Xbox 360™, PLAYSTATION®3 and PC games.
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Versatility. Flexibility. Stability. Smarts…Mad Technologies have it all. And, whether you’re looking to handle hundreds of pieces of individual art, immerse players in the history of the world, engage them in photo-realistic space combat, or take them deep into the heart of the jungle, if you want to create amazing gameplay experiences, then you’re going to need some tremendous technologies to get you there. Mad Technologies offer you the power of some serious path planning, programming and physics, as well as whip-smart AI innovations, tremendous RTS breakthroughs, and much more. Whether driving the creation of award-winning AAA game titles or pushing DARPA’s TIELT project to the edge, Mad Technologies are breaking new ground. Imagine what they can do for you.