The development team behind such critically acclaimed hits as Empire Earth® II and Dungeon Siege ®: Legends of Aranna ™, we’ve been spearheading the creation of Triple A titles for years. Industry veterans with experience in every aspect of game development and an unmatched expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Mad Doc team members are collectively responsible for over 20 million units in the game market worldwide. With over 80 of the industry's best and brightest on board, we’ve been thrilling audiences for years with hits such as the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences "Computer Role Playing Game of the Year" Finalist Dungeon Siege®: Legends of Aranna™. Constantly pushing the envelope, our latest title, VUG’s Empire Earth® II, garnered a coveted PC Gamer Editor’s Choice Award, a 94% review score, and was anointed “The New King of Real-Time Strategy Gaming.” Currently, the team has several titles in production.