From commercial games, level design, art and programming using the Unreal 3 Engine…to serious simulations, research and development…The Doctor is in. For years, Mad Doc has been delivering Triple A titles, along with Contracting and Consulting services, to leading game publishers, researchers, government and private agencies.

Our team specializes  in all core areas of development including: AI, Networking, Graphics, Audio, Scripting, Single and Multiplayer Level Design, Animation, Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Lighting, Special FX, Concepting, and Storyboarding. The AI Experts in Games, our specialties here include: Character Behavior, Path Planning, Strategic AI, Squad AI, and Speech Recognition.
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We’ll admit it, we’re serious about our work in research, development and serious simulations. For instance, Mad Doc is part of the Transfer Learning Program under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. We provide AI researchers an RTS game to use as a testbed for their decision systems and work closely with universities and institutions nationwide to provide support for running our game with their AI systems. So if you wanna’ talk to us about your latest project, rest assured, we’re ready to get serious.
From First Person Shooter and Squad Shooter - to RTS, RPGs and Combat Flight Sims - we’ve done it all. And whether we’re using advancements like the Unreal 3 Engine or Gamebryo to our advantage, or pushing out amazing work with our own Mad3D™ Game Engine (a configurable, AAA, HLA compliant masterpiece), or our  MadAI™ Character AI System, we’re ready to hit the mark for Xbox 360™, PlayStation®3 and the PC.

Whether you’re beginning a major title, want to jumpstart a game or prototype, need help meeting a deadline, are taking things to the next level, or embarking on a serious simulation or research project…

With some of the most talented veterans in the industry, Mad Doc has long been providing Development and Consulting services for the world’s leading developers and publishers, including: Vivendi Universal Games, Microsoft Game Studios, Disney Interactive, Activision, Inc., EA (Maxis), Midway Games, and Games2Train, as well as top-tier research groups, DARPA, and other government agencies.