For a closer look at the doctor’s AI research, publications and more, as well as the many facets of his role as a key game industry leader (from teaching at MIT, spearheading our current game testbed efforts with DARPA researchers, and speaking at the industry’s most prestigious events - to his role as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Game Development), take a peek at the Academic, Executive Speaker, and Publications pages of our site. It’s this kind of thinking, combined with the talents of the exceptional team at Mad Doc, that goes behind our AI consulting work, as well as into the making of every Mad Doc game.

Industry Leadership

Whether applying his talents in Artificial Intelligence to autonomous cross-country navigation in the HUMVEE for the Department of Defense, researching the inspection of aging aircraft via ANDI for the FAA, or analyzing and designing systems for the Lunar and Earthbound Lava Tube Explorer, it’s easy to see that our CEO knows a thing or two about AI. With a Ph.D. in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, a triple major BA in Computer Science, English and Math from Dartmouth, and a lifelong love of games---it’s no wonder this John Kemeny Computing Prize winner, a Presidential and Rufus Choate Scholar, would go on to form a game company with a penchant for great AI. "Take the kind of AI philosophy that goes into autonomous navigation, that force of conviction, and apply it to gaming. That’s what Mad Doc is all about: using extraordinary AI to create an amazing game experience. That’s why I founded the company,” notes Dr. Davis.

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“It’s kind of funny, really. When you’re riding down
the highway at 60MPH in an autonomous Army
HUMVEE, you’re gonna do some amazing AI.”

- Ian Lane Davis, Ph.D., CEO Mad Doc® Software,
on his research in AI and autonomous navigation