Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor. Guest Professor, Teaching “Characters in Video Games”, a topics in comparative media studies course, Fall, 2005.

Carnegie Mellon University, Robotics Institute Seminar, "Get a Life: How AI in Video Games Makes Characters Come Alive", February, 2005.

Merrimack College, Invited Speaker, “Characters in Video Games”, February, 2005.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Invited Speaker. Computer Games Workshop, Topic: "Artificial Intelligence in Games", January, 2005

Carnegie Mellon University, Autonomous Cross Country Navigation . Designed and implemented modular neural network control system for Navlab II off-road autonomous vehicle. Implemented novel sensor fusion system and was the first autonomous driver to use both range and color data.

Carnegie Mellon University, Aircraft Inspection. Designed vision-based sensor alignment system for ANDI (Automated NonDestructive Inspector) for FAA Aging Aircraft Research Program. ANDI automated placement of NDI sensors to assist human operators in finding subsurface cracks and corrosion.

Carnegie Mellon University, Instructor. Taught "Artificial Intelligence: Computer Vision," an advanced computer science course, 1996.

Carnegie Mellon University, Research Associate. Researched Unmanned Ground Vehicle as Post-Doctoral associate. 1996.

Carnegie Mellon University, Graduate Research Fellow. Developed vision and navigation system for Unmanned Ground Vehicle, Boeing Unmanned Air Vehicle, and FAA Aircraft Inspection Automation Research Project. Analyzed and designed systems for Lunar and Earthbound Lava Tube Explorer. 1991-1995.

Carnegie Mellon University, Teaching Committee. Served on review committee to study effectiveness of robotics instruction.

Dartmouth College Kiewit Computation Center, Hanover, NH. 1987-1991. Principal developer of a Macintosh text editor (called SimpleText, not to be confused with Apple’s SimpleText).