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Mad Doctor’s second MIT course:
“AI in Video & Serious Games.”
Wanna put some of the smartest technologies on the planet to work for you? Check it!
PC Gamer UK Editor's Choice Award Winner. More…
One of the best selling Star Trek games of all time. More...
Expansion for Gamespy's 2001
PC Game of the Year. More...
Legacy Snags a Game
Chronicles Editor’s
Choice Award!

Computer Role Playing Game of the Year Finalist. More...
AIAS Strategy Game of the
Year Finalist. More...
Xbox Live Arcade…You guessed
it, we’ll be kickin’ it here with hot
new titles. More later!
The Mad Doctor is named Entrepreneur of the Year!
Best of E3 2006 Award Winner.
Editor’s Choice Award. More…
Coming March 4, 2008 to Wii™ and Xbox 360™. Check it!